MMLCO management structure is designed to bring the skills and experience of our executives to bear in the most efficient way possible, facilitating decision-making across all the business units. By the organizational chart our working structure and management system can be found.
MMLM Contracting is a well-known company for excellence and quality in accomplishment of all construction projects we executed. M/S. MUNSHI MOHD. LAL MOHD G.CONT EST (hereafter called as "MMLCO"). is dedicated to providing with Construction Contract Executing, Building Maintenance, Industria Construction, Infrastructure Works, Garden Coordination Work, Safety Civil, Electrical, with SAUDI ARAMCO with Registration No.10031264. The quality of our professional service is par excellence.
We achieve our goals utilizing only the best professional staff availabe in our company. We understand that the client is our most important asset. The persuit of excellent quality above all else is the reason of our company's success.
President's Words:
Our Projects:
Safety & Security Measures:
Thanks be to Almighty Allah and prayer and peace be upon Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). MMLM contracting Establishment has been founded on 1424 (H) to Provide excellent services to its customers from the date of foundation in the field of construction and technical services through its technical high professional staff, guided by a team of specialized engineers, to execute a state of the art technical work.
We have the flexibility and the strength to be able to deliver large or small projects successfully anywhere in the world.

 We have completed hundreds of projects and have only listed a few on the site which will give you an idea of the range of our services.
It is MMLCO policy to provide effiective Safety and Security mesasures with the end view of protecting the life and property of all MMLCO and client's installations. A written Safety & Loss Prevention Program, which is always being presented and explained to all MMLCO contraction personnel by a full time assigned Safety Superisor, will be implemented prior to Project Execution.
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